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Your Good Life Guide to the Hudson Valley. It's Fun Here!


Family Fun Ideas

Family FunSpring is here. Although it feels much cooler and the weather is only half cooperating, there is much family fun to be had. The fun begins with your child(ren) and a little pre-planning.

What are their favorite activities? Cooking? Drawing? Sports? Anything if it involves running? Reading? Biking?…etc. If you have an artist, for example, you may purchase sidewalk chalk and have him or her use your sidewalk or driveway as a canvas. If you have an active child, perhaps a bike ride along Hudson Valley’s trails and parks, or a trip to your local outdoor track. Bring your stop watch (or download an app) and time your child’s best record. If your child likes to read, have him or her pick a few favorites and encourage them be the teacher for the day. Have an Emeril Lagasse in the family? Create a few easy recipes he or she can follow and arrange the table with restaurant details for added fun.

Watch your child(ren) glow with delight as you give them your time and attention to the things they most love.


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