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Your Good Life Guide to the Hudson Valley. It's Fun Here!



People love me and accept me for who I AM

I AM easy to Love and it is easy for me to give Love

I AM the example of success

All of my thoughts, plans and ideas lead me straight to success

I say what I mean and mean what I say

God gives me strength to carry on with my dreams

I AM a loyal and trusted friend

I Love to socialize and celebrate Life

I always know how to have a good time

I AM at peace with my choices in Life

I AM free to be me and express myself openly

I have the kindest and most helpful neighbors

I AM grateful for the neighborhood I live in

God protects me every day, in every way

I feel safe, secure and I live my Life openly

I know I AM safe and God continually watches over me

I live in a protected and safe environment

It is easy for me to express Love and in return, it is easily expressed back to me

Love is attracted to me and I AM attracted to Love

I Love Life and Life certainly loves me

I AM grateful that my parents created me and here I AM!

God blesses my Life with miracles every single day

Before I follow anyone’s intuition, I follow my own intuition

Before I make a decision, I always check-in with my intuition

I AM a walking example of God’s Love

My attitude grows happier and healthier every single day

I AM a walking reflection of success and happiness

My smile reflects a joy for living and a healthy lifestyle

God Loves me and forgives me

I AM grateful to God for my ability to easily forgive

My parents accept and Love me for who I AM and all that I AM

I AM a member of a Loving, accepting and sincere family

My family fully supports me in the pursuit of my dreams

My brother and I are close and supportive with one another

I AM the type of friend that I would like to have

I Love my friends and it shows!

My friends and I respect each other’s privacy

My happiness is reflected in my smile and cheerful personality

I choose to be happy at the start of each day

I laugh at myself with childish joy

My happiness continually brings me more happiness

God gave me a healthy body and in gratitude, I take care Good of myself

I AM living a long and healthy Life

I have a healthy spirit, mind and body

I easily connect with everyone I meet

I can do whatever I focus my mind on.

I am awesome

I am very intelligent

I am a fast learner

I am worthy

I deeply love and accept myself

I enjoy learning

Learning is fun and exciting

I understand the lessons taught in school completely and quickly

I believe in myself and my abilities

While I appreciate details, I am able to also see the big picture in things

I have many gifts and talents

I learn from my challenges and can always find ways to overcome them

I am open to possibility

I embrace my fears fully and calmly

I make like-minded friends easily and naturally

I am healthy and am growing up well

I have persistence in what I believe in

Miracles happen to me all the time

I am very creative

Ideas for problem solving come easily and quickly to me

I am a great listener

My family, friends and teachers love me for who I am

I am unique and special

Opportunities come to me in good time

I may make mistakes sometimes but I choose to learn from them

I accept myself even though I sometimes make mistakes

Every day and in every way, I get better and better

My intuition guides me in what I do

I am calm, relaxed and peaceful

I am always in the right place at the right time

I enjoy being, feeling and thinking positive

Problems challenge me to better myself in every way

I trust myself in making great decisions

I am loving kindness to all

I do my best in my work and tasks

I am present

I trust in my ability to solve problems

I enjoy my own company

I accept compliments graciously and openly

I am whole and complete

I enjoy trying new ideas

I embrace changes in peaceful, harmonious and positive ways

I believe I can be whatever I want to be

I can visualize very well

I am vibrant and have lots of energy

I am divinely protected

I am kind, generous and loving

I complete my school work on time every day

I am deserving of love, trust and kindness

I achieve great and successful results

I am brave

I experience beauty wherever I go

I have got an awesome imagination

I am able to solve problems creatively

All is well in the world

I am thankful for my blessings

I have a healthy relationship with my teachers

I choose to forgive all others for any mistakes they have done

I feel confident and secure

I enjoy letting events unfold in good time

I have loving, positive and happy thoughts

I express my ideas easily

I am courageous even when things are unknown to me

I reach my goals easily

I am in charge of my own life

I enjoy playing games with my friends

I am gentle with myself

I have many friends who like being near me

The trees, flowers and birds are my friends

I radiate love and compassion

Miracles happen to me every day

I am on my way to creating great wealth

I am excellent in languages

I am quick and accurate with Mathematics

I am able to analyze and see clearly for problem solving

I read, write and learn fast

I absorb knowledge like a sponge and am able to apply what I have learnt

I do my best for my studies

I am attentive in class

I am a natural in _________ (sports)

I am on top of my classes

I enjoy challenging myself in new ideas, possibilities and directions

I am a winner!

I turn failures into opportunities for success

I handle all my responsibilities and tasks well

I enjoy eating healthy snacks

I love my body

I am Me, and I am Okay!

I am honest and trustworthy

I choose to look for the best way forward for myself

I am able to understand and solve complex problem sums or questions easily

I enjoy experiencing life in multiple ways

I love being healthy!

I manage my time well

I like being punctual (on time)

I enjoy having habits that will help me have a happy, healthy and successful life

I listen to my gut or inner wisdom closely

I am able to easily draw inspiration from nature and life

I believe in my dreams

I have an excellent memory

I understand the lessons taught in school

I enjoy learning and gaining new knowledge

Learning is fun and exciting

I am proud of being unique (useful for kids who feel ‘different’ from other kids around them)

I learn and improve from my mistakes

I believe in myself and my abilities

Setbacks will only make me stronger

I am smart and I have great ideas

I am talented and gifted in my own way


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